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Safety is everything and at Cole Contracting, we take no half measures in this area. At the forefront of our business practices is the safety of our workers, the safety of your workers, and the safety of the crucial infrastructure you’ve worked so hard to build. This dedication has resulted in Cole Contracting being named a finalist for the Queensland Safe Work Awards 2014.

This is an achievement we are proud to announce. Being named as a finalist is a testament to the hard work and devotion our employees put towards safe work practices. Not only are we accredited members of the Master Electricians Association but we have also pushed our business into the 21st century with innovative yet practical technology solutions. During our 21 years of quality service, Cole Contracting has strived to improve electrical safety practices and standards. 

It is our utmost belief that safety should not be compromised by a desire for increased productivity, but that being said, our experience indicates that these two business priorities are not mutually exclusive. One area we’ve identified for improvement is risk assessment paperwork – a time consuming but necessary process.

Software Solutions With SafeWorkPro

Streamlining the risk assessment process without undermining the safety of our workers was an option we were committed to pursuing. With SafeWorkPro – a risk assessment tool available on any smartphone or tablet device – we were able to complete the risk assessment process quicker while being in total compliance with workplace health and safety regulations. This gave our workers more time to get on with the job but in a way that emphasises safe work practices. 

Moreover the SafeWorkPro software was designed with the needs of contractors in mind including all the backend administration that comes with it. By working with software, our risk assessments are downloadable as pdf files, making the distribution of safety information easier and the accommodation of compliance requests as easy as sending an email. This means that we’ve reduced the administrative overhead previously required for compliant risk assessments without detracting from overall worker safety.

Safety is a vital component of our business structure but it should not come at the cost of productive workflows. With SafeWorkPro we were able to get the best of both worlds through a quicker risk assessment process that not only conforms with industry safety standards but also allows our workers to get back on the job fast. 

For more information on SafeWorkPro and the software solution to risk assessment bottlenecks, click here

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What is Safeworkpro?

Safety is our number one priority and as an accredited member of Master Electricians, Cole Contracting uses Safeworkpro  to ensure compliance with workplace health and safety regulations.

Designed specifically for electrical contractors, Safeworkpro is an electrical safety management system that provides the support and business tools contractors need to maintain compliant safe work practices. It also supports testing compliance and routine auditing tasks. 

With Safeworkpro organic document development has been realised. Turning documents into tools that can value add to your business. For more information on this innovative product go to www.safeworkpro.com.

AS/ANZ 4801 Certification

Cole Contracting's AS/NZS 4801 Certification in Safety is further proof that we are dedicated to the maintenance of safe worksites at all times.

We pride ourselves on our professional attitude towards electrical services to such an extent that we've developed stringent workplace safety policies for every job we undertake. This dedication to electrical safety reflects the broader commitment we have to compliant work practices.  


Our guarantee to you

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Safety is our number one priority and with the work that we do it is always our first consideration. We are well connected not only within the industry in Australia but worldwide so that we are always have the most current solution and information available for you.
We are not only part of the community we are dedicated to supporting the community as we believe that we all need to take responsibility to help others.
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